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Dots on Pots is an accessible pottery painting / clay studio in Cleveleys.


Dots on Pots offer fun activities for all the family, and whether you're a budding artist or just want to relax, we've got something for everyone. We offer creative activities and toddler sessions that are planned around topics, for example, The Hungry Caterpillar, to encourage your child to be creative and use their imagination through art. We also read a story and your child develops concentration and listening skills as well as being sociable. Other activities we offer include painting sessions, clay sessions, parties, group bookings and much more.


We’re also pleased to be offering our do-it-at-home kits, letting you bring the creativity into your own homes. 

Our Team

As a qualified Nursery Nurse with 35 years experience, Karyn ensures her sessions are a full learning experience, covering all or most of the Childs developmental areas. Jenn also has her fair share of experience with toddlers, with her own daughter who loves attending our sessions! Jenn is fantastic at writing on the pots before they go in the kiln, and is very skilled at turning your little ones’ hands and feet into beautiful butterflies and other amazing artwork. Both Karyn and Jenn have had extensive training with glazing, clay, firing and ceramics.

Dots on Pots | Pottery Painting Poulton Thornton
Dots on Pots | Pottery Painting Poulton Thornton

Award Winners

We were thrilled to be awarded the 'Creative Innovation Award' at the 2019 Culture, Lifestyle & Business Awards, and continue to deliver the excellent services and innovative creativity that made us an award winning studio!